What They Say

The University of Toledo // Toledo Excel

In January of 2020, the Toledo Excel Program was challenged with hosting its 37th Annual Conference for Aspiring Minority Youth with an acclaimed speaker Dr. Yusef Salaam. At the time Dr. Salaam’s story was featured in the most viewed docuseries in Netflix history “When They See Us” about the Central Park 5 case in New York. We received calls from as far away as Illinois about registration for the conference. One of our chief challenges was a history of poor quality audio in the Thompson Student Union Auditorium. We knew this could quite possibly ruin the experience for what we knew would be a capacity audience. We decided against using the “house sound” and brought in the Touchdown Agency. It is a decision we will never regret. The sound was crisp and crystal clear. The staff from Touchdown was timely, highly skilled, and professional. Our keynote speaker was pleased, and our audience was thrilled as well. Had we not had many spring events canceled due to the pandemic, Touchdown would have been contracted to provide their expertise throughout the rest of the semester at The University of Toledo. I recommend them enthusiastically and without reservation.


David Young
Toledo Excel & Special Projects
The University of Toledo

Rise with Diana

I met Thaddeus and Darrell at an October 2019 event, where they were in charge of the audiovisual. The event host asked everyone at the close of the event, “have you heard any errors with the microphones, the sound, or with the slides, videos, and other visuals?” Of course, the audience replied “NO.”  And, that’s because of Thaddeus and Darrell’s expertise. At the event, I found out that their company, Touchdown AV, also did podcasts. That’s when I asked to set up an appointment with them.

At our meeting, I learned that in addition to their audio and visual expertise, they also offer marketing services. They listened to me, asked insightful questions, and then shared how they could help meet my needs. After our personal consultation, I knew I wanted to find a way to work with them, not only because of their professionalism and excellence but because they made me feel like I was their number one priority.

I hired them to assist with my audio and visual needs at my January 2020 debut “Helping Schools Rise” event, and I’m so glad I did. My event was flawless. Not only did they provide great services, but they also went the extra mile, by anticipating what I needed to make my event extra special.

Months before my event, Thaddeus found out that I could sing. Thaddeus is an accomplished guitarist, and also helps instruct people in the musical area. He told me I should sing at my event. After initially brushing this off, due to my own insecurities, he encouraged me to follow through and I took him up on the offer. I sang at my event.  I’m so glad I listened to Thaddeus as I believe the song was the added touch that made my event magical.

I highly recommend Thaddeus and Darrell, and Touchdown AV, for your next event, and to work with organizations interested in creating innovative marketing strategies.


Diana Patton
Founder and CEO
The Rise Program

Dr. P – The Leadership Coach

I must admit that I was a bit skeptical about branding and our initial conversation in 2019. After mulling over this decision, interviewing other branding companies, and finally deciding to sign with Touchdown Agency in April 2020 during a global pandemic has been the best decision for The Ronald Group. Working with your agency has expanded not only my knowledge base in terms of branding and strategic marketing but has catapulted my business by leaps and bounds within the last 6 months. The video series “Who is Dr. P” along with the creation of social media platform messaging has done the following metrics that I attribute to you and your agency:

    1. Instagram
      • 44% increase in followers
      • 79% increase in content interaction
    2. Facebook
      • 36% increase of page visits resulting in posts reaching 1,400 people
      • 26% increase in post engagements (commenting, etc.)
      • 63% increase in new page likes
    3. Revenue
      • 25% increase in new contracts, clients/speaking engagements
      • 18% increase in income generating contracts

The numbers do not lie and neither does your expertise. I am ecstatic to write this review because I want others to experience the manifestation of listening to 2 gifted and talented branding experts. I sum my review up in the following words that describe Thaddeus and Darrell of TouchDown Agency:

    1. EXPERTS – their vitality and understanding of marketing, branding and strategy produces exceptional results for you, your brand, and your business.
    2. CONNECTIVE LEADERSHIP – their connections and relationships with vendors such as photographers’ aids in the total package when creating branding strategies via social media. My photography session with a local artist at their disposal helped reach potential clients that were outside of my normal sphere of influence.
    3. CREATIVES – their expertise not only at branding, but in strategizing new ideas and finding the platform that fits your branding style was an unanticipated, but most appreciated bonus to this process.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the work, expertise, and time you and your agency has invested in my success. I look forward to working with you in the future and you are and will always be my #1 choice for branding and strategic marketing


Dr. Patrice A. McClellan
President & Lead Strategist
The Ronald Group

Brandon Tucker

TouchDown Agency has the unique ability to curate and implement bold and innovative strategies that lead to impact and drive results. I have engaged them in every aspect of my personal, professional, and spiritual endeavors.

For my personal consultancy (Inspire II Greatness), TouchDown helped me move outside of the box and solidify my market position as a leadership and organizational change consultant.

For my profession as a higher education leader (Washtenaw Community College), Touchdown helped my organization capture the good work we do every day visually which has been showcased to both internal and external stakeholders.

For my ministry (Transformation Church), TouchDown was engaged at the conception of us launching our church and provoked creative thinking which has impacted how we approach and deploy every new initiative and program.

I trust TouchDown with literally every aspect of my life and would encourage those who wish to grow, expand, and impact at levels that are unimaginable to do the same. They will stretch you, move you outside your comfort zone all while keeping your vision and wildest dreams as the focus and motivator. Hands down, you will grow and be better with TouchDown.


Brandon Roderick Tucker

President & Chief Knowledge Officer, Inspire II Greatness
Associate Vice President of Workforce & Community Development, Washtenaw Community College
Senior Pastor, Transformation Church

The University of Toledo // Residence Life

Touchdown Agency has done exemplary work in the community and for the Office of Residence Life at the University of Toledo. The finished product far exceeded my expectations. In a season where customer service can oftentimes be a forgotten detail, the professionalism and timeliness extended by the agency was refreshing!! Touchdown Agency team members assuredly serve as role models for vendors in the marketing industry. Everything from the uniformity of their appearance, the consultation session, production day deliverables, and delivery of the finished product, ultimately displays that Touchdown yields a clear advantage over their brand marketing peers. I fully endorse Touchdown with the highest level of enthusiasm. They will support all of your branding needs from inception to completion. Contact them to discuss how their expertise can meet your branding needs.


Valerie S. Walston
Associate Vice President for Student Services
The University of Toledo


Professional. Strategic. Creative Excellence. Dependable. These words describe TouchDown Agency. We utilized their services and referred them to our clients and in both instances, TouchDown surpassed expectations.  We look forward to working with them in the future and so should you!


Jason Daniels
President and CEO


We used TouchDown for our 2019 TEDxToledo event and I couldn’t have been more impressed. Toledo needed fresh, innovative pros in live event A/V. I couldn’t recommend these guys more highly.


Will Lucas
Curator at TEDxToledo